Positions Available

    Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

    The Zambidis lab recruits all year round for PhD post-doctoral fellowships or MD/DO research-phase fellows. For further details please contact Dr. Zambidis at ezambid1@jhmi.edu and attach a .pdf of your CV including your bibliography.

    Graduate students (PhD & MD/PhD)

    The Zambidis lab recruits primarily from the Cellular and Molecular Medicine (CMM) PhD program and the Medical Scientist Training Program at Johns Hopkins University. Potential rotation students should email Dr. Zambidis at ezambid1@jhmi.edu with a brief paragraph that includes your name, year, school and a brief description of the research in which you are interested.

    Undergraduate students

    The Zambidis lab does accept students for undergraduate projects. For further details please contact Dr. Zambidis at ezambid1@jhmi.edu.

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